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Additional Coaching Staff
Mark Arnett, B.A.
Director, Music For Life, Sherwood, Oregon
- piano and keyboard studies, arranging, leadership

Jack Ballard, M.A.
Associate Professor, Malone College, Canton, Ohio
- orchestration, production, recording

Janet Hanson, B.A
Speaker, Concord, California
- women in ministry, spiritual formation, retreats

Paul Kennedy, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York;
President, JP Kennedy and Associates, Rochester, New York
- church surveys, community data analysis

Chris Long, B.A.
Executive Director, Call to Worship, Walnut Creek, California;
Associate, Integrity Music
- contemporary worship, production

Jeff Reed, M.Div.
Senior Pastor, Hillside Covenant Church, Walnut Creek, California
- pastoral ministries, songwriting, leadership

Doug Stevens, M.Div.
Executive Director, The Renewal Project, Walnut Creek, California
- pastoral ministry, leadership

Sid Smith III
Director of Music, Idlewild Baptist Church - Central Campus, Tampa, Florida
- vocal technique, gospel music, choral and instrumental arranging

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